Look around the Baby room

Ratio - is 1 member of staff for every 3 children

Group Size is approximately 9 babies

Room ethos

Staff in the Baby room strive to provide a safe, warm and caring environment enabling the babies the freedom to explore and investigate, which in turn will arm them with the confidence and self esteem to develop into inquisitive and happy toddlers.


When my mummy and daddy drop me off at nursery, I get so excited, there is so much to do... there is messy, sticky stuff that I can squeeze through my fingers & water & sand to play with. I really enjoy looking through the story books in the cozy area, but my most favourite of all is crawling into the sensory area, its like a den!... I can play with all the different things in there some are furry and soft and some are squidgy and squeaky when I bang them together they all make funny noises... its so much fun.

When I'm tired I just crawl into the sleep room and have a well earned rest on my bed. Oh, I mustn't forget to say they give me lots of yummy food to eat to help me grow and be healthy.

Its amazing...