Look around the Toddler room

Ratio - is 1 member of staff for every 4 children

Group Size - is approximately 12 Toddlers

Room ethos

Within the Toddler room the children are challenged to further develop their self esteem & independence. The emphasis is on teaching them the all important boundaries of playing safe and communicating with confidence.


My mum was really proud today because my special friend (I think she is called my key worker) gave her a folder all about me. There were photographs of me making waterfalls with my friends outside, we were pretending we were camping with the tent and camp beds. She told me I was clever because of all the words I know & I know lots of colours!! She didnít like the picture of me with giant land snails - but I think there funny and I talk to them all the time. But what my mum liked the most was the crazy chocolate bun that I made for her this afternoon.