Look around the Tweeny room

Ratio - is 1 member of staff for every 3 children

Group Size - is approximately 12 Tweeny's

Room ethos

Here in the Tweeny room the emphasis is on developing the children's self help skills & empowering them to become confident & independent individuals.


I'm so tired because I have been in Nursery today and had so much fun.

This morning I had breakfast with my friends... we had weetabix and toast - when I was full I put on my water proof suit and went outside to play... our garden is great, there is a bridge to climb, stepping stones to jump off and lots of places to play hide and seek.

I can go inside whenever I want, so I thought I'd read some stories in the den... then I played with the dinosaurs in the sand.

I have a little bed of my own so after a scrummy lunch I had a nice sleep and dreamt of the musical instruments I wanted to play with in the music session in the afternoon